Ethos, Values, Vision and Mission

At Chollerton pre-school, with aims of achieving a strategic plan for the future, we wish to identify our ethos, vision, mission and values.
This was decided in consultation with parents, the committee and any other interested stakeholders. 
Ethos: the moral beliefs that are the core characteristic of our group.
Vision: a statement of what we will develop in the future.
Mission: a specific task to effectively implement the vision. 
Values: our principles or standards of behaviour.
Some of the proposed outlines have derived from: 
Kaur, J and Sharma, A (2021) Conceptual ECCE Happiness Framework for Preschools: To Introduce Importance of Happiness to Promote Social and Emotional Competence in Preschool Children. SAGE Open. Volume 11, Issue 3, July-September 2021. <
Our Mission Statement:
We encourage exploration and embracement of preschools environment; both indoors and outdoors.
We celebrate each child's unique qualities to create a diverse community. Whilst growing into their own independent self.
Focusing on three practices to uplift the emotional competence and social skills in children. Social engagement. Sharing & Caring. And, Mindfulness.