Curriculum Overview

Our curriculum intent 


We are committed to ensuring that our curriculum is relevant to the world in which children live and it engages, inspires and excites in order that all children succeed. Our curriculum is designed to be broad, balanced and knowledge-rich, so that our children know more and remember more.  Our curriculum is designed to achieve equity for all children, regardless of their starting points. By providing a relevant curriculum, all children will succeed in becoming lifelong learners. 


We plan for progression in knowledge, skills and understanding to prepare children for future success in education and careers. Our curriculum is flexible, allowing us to fulfil the requirements of the National curriculum in addition to our aspirations for children.   It is continually adapted to ensure that it is progressively sequenced and provides challenge for all. Our curriculum is underpinned and enhanced by our commitment to our school vision “Be the best you can be through, nurture, inspiration, respect, happiness, inclusion, in a safe and loving Christian family”. Through this we provide learning experiences which promote confidence, resilience, curiosity, ambition, respect and kindness. At Chollerton First School we believe that all children should be exposed to cultural experiences and background knowledge that will equip them with the cultural knowledge to propel them further in their education, social development, and careers. Developing cultural capital at Chollerton First school will help provide experiences that the children may otherwise not have had. Reading is fundamental to all learning. We want all our children to be excited about reading.  We build reading skills from the early years upwards, securing phonic knowledge rapidly and then develop essential comprehension skills.  Our texts are ambitious and motivating.


As a church school, our Christian faith is reflected in all we do.


Ultimately, we want all of our children to be the best they can be, making a positive contribution to the world they live in, We want them to be inspired, valued and know that we champion their uniqueness and encourage them to be the best version of themselves without fear of failure.


If you would like to find out more about the curriculum, please follow the Department for Education link below. Alternatively, contact the class teacher for details.