The Governing Body of Chollerton First School is made up of members of the local school and church community. The members work closely with Mrs Davey, the Head Teacher, who is responsible for the day to day management of the school.

All the governors listed below act on a voluntary basis. One is appointed by the Local Education Authority, some elected by parents  and some from the local parish church.

Chairperson & County Council Representative:   Mr James Ellison

Vice-Chairperson: Mrs Kirsten Coulson

Head Teacher: Mrs Hazel Davey

Foundation Governors:

  • Denise Jones (Foundation Governor)
  • Anna English (Foundation Governor)
  • Sarah Lunn (Church Representative)

Parent Governors:

  • James Adshead
  • Judith Ridley
  • Sarah Metcalfe
  • Ummu Feeley

Teacher Governor:  Mrs Glenda Glenwright.

There are 11 Governors in total.

The Governing Body has responsibility for the school's overall strategic direction.                                            The Governors :

  • Are accountable to parents and the wider community for the performance of the school.
  • Make sure the school provides for all its pupils, including those with special needs.
  • Formulate and adopt the aims and policies of the school.
  • Ensure the National Curriculum is taught.
  • Interview and appoint key members of staff.
  • Make decisions on the school's budget and staffing.

Parents are welcome to contact the Chair of Governors by e-mail: or by telephoning the school office. However please note that Governors cannot become involved in individual pupil issues and parents should speak to the class teacher or head teacher in the first instance.

All of our Governors are members of sub-committees to deal with specific issues relating to Personnel, the Curriculum, Property and Finance, which meet regularly and feed back to the full Governing Body. Non-teaching Governors often visit the school and all governors undertake to support certain subject areas as link-governors and liaise with staff who co-ordinate that area.