The Governing Body of Chollerton First School is made up of members of the local school and church community. The members work closely with Mrs Davey, the Head Teacher, who is responsible for the day-to-day management of the school.

All the governors listed below act on a voluntary basis. One is appointed by the Local Education Authority, some elected by parents and some from the local parish church.

Authority Governor's: Sarah Lunn & Ummu Feeley

Head Teacher Governor: Hazel Davey

Staff Governor: Glenda Glenwright


Foundation Governors:

James Adshead

Kirsten Coulson

Anna English

James Ellison

Richard Hay


Parent Governors:

Louisa Stewart

Charlotte Hird


Associate Governor: Rosy Dickinson


There are 13 Governors in total.

The Governing Body has responsibility for the school's overall strategic direction.                                         

The Governors :

  • Are accountable to parents and the wider community for the performance of the school.
  • Make sure the school provides for all its pupils, including those with special needs.
  • Formulate and adopt the aims and policies of the school.
  • Ensure the National Curriculum is taught.
  • Interview and appoint key members of staff.
  • Make decisions on the school's budget and staffing.

Parents are welcome to contact the Chair of Governors by e-mail: or by telephoning the school office. However please note that Governors cannot become involved in individual pupil issues and parents should speak to the class teacher or head teacher in the first instance.

All of our Governors are members of sub-committees to deal with specific issues relating to Personnel, the Curriculum, Property and Finance, which meet regularly and feedback to the full Governing Body. Non-teaching Governors often visit the school and all governors undertake to support certain subject areas as link-governors and liaise with staff who co-ordinate that area.

  • Mrs Hazel Davey

    Head Teacher Governor

    I moved from Essex in 1987 when I married my husband who came from Hexham and I have loved living in
    Northumberland ever since.
    I have always wanted to be a teacher. After teacher training in London, I taught in Barking and Dagenham for 3 years.
    I have 2 children, a son and a daughter. We have 2 cats and a goldfish.
    In my spare time!! – I enjoy gardening, yoga, walking and reading.

  • Mr James Ellison

    Foundation Governor

    Studied Physical Education at Carnegie College in Leeds from 1973-76. I then took up my first teaching job at Longbenton High school from 1976-1982. I then transferred to Dudley Middle school as Head of PE and stayed there until 1992 having undertaken a fellowship at Northumbria University in Community Education. I also gained a B Ed Hons in 1990 in the Financial Management of schools. I first served on a Governing Body back in 1990 and continued to be part of the Governing bodies in the schools I taught in right up to present date as a Teacher governor, Parent Governor and now as a NCC representative In 1992 I gained promotion to Marden Bridge Middle school, where I was also responsible for the £2m lottery bid which resulted in the school gaining a new sportshall and astro pitch.

    In 2005 I took up the post as Partnership Development Manager for Morpeth and Ponteland Schools. In 2011 I was asked to also run the Tynedale School Sports Partnership. In 2012 I was fortunate to be selected to help at the Olympic Games, working at the football coaching facility with the international teams who came to Newcastle. At the end of the summer I was selected to help at the Paralympics in the Olympic village, co-ordinating the training and fixtures for the coaches and athletes from the Sitting Volleyball competition.
    After 41 years in teaching full time I finally retired from full time teaching in the summer of 2017 and now work as a consultant for Physical Education 1 day a week! Married in 2002 to Dianna we have four children (Jonathon and Stephanie have come through Chollerton First school) and two grandchildren . We live in the village of Colwell in a house we built in 2009.

  • Mr James Adshead

    Foundation Governor

    I joined the board of Governors at Chollerton First School in 2018 as a Parent Governor.

    My family moved to Barrasford in 2005 and two of my children have attended Chollerton First School, with the youngest still in attendance.

    I am a manager of capital construction projects at a local University and lead a team responsible for delivering new and refurbished buildings. My knowledge of estate and financial management and dealing with people will offer support in serving the governing body of the School.

    I enjoy cycling in the local countryside and am also a committee member / vice chair at Barrasford Village Hall.

  • Mrs Denise jones

    Foundation Governor

    I was appointed to the Governing Body as a Foundation Governor in January 2008. I presently sit on the Finance, Staffing and Property Committees as well as being the Governor responsible for Maths and SEN.
    My association with Chollerton First School began when my eldest son started in school in 2007. I volunteer in school in both Class 1 and Class 2.
    I was on the leadership team within the Corporate Sector of Barclays Bank where I had responsibility for performance management, compliance and P&L. I am professionally qualified as an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers.
    I am also involved in education in the Methodist Church and am a member of the church finance committee.

  • Mrs Anna English

    Foundation Governor

    I have lived in Barrasford for 16 years. Our roots are in farming and we have a mixed livestock farm.
    I have 2 children, 1 of whom attends Chollerton First School.
    I have an MA in History. I worked for English Heritage for 10 years and I am now employed in Northumberland Library Service.
    I am interested in food and nutrition, visiting historic sites, reading and theatre. In my spare time I enjoy walking, horse riding and yoga.

  • Mrs Kirsten Coulson

    Vice Chair of Governors

  • Mrs Ummu Feeley

    Co-Chair of Governors

  • Mr Richard Hay

    Foundation Governor

  • Mrs Glenda Glenwright

    Staff Governor

  • Rev Sarah Lunn

    Co-Chair of Governors

    Through virtue of her position in the local parish church.

  • Mrs Charlotte Hird

    Parent Governor

  • Mrs Louisa Stewart

    Parent Governors

  • Mrs Rosy Dickinson

    Associate Governor