Chollerton Pre-School

At Chollerton Pre-school we recognise that children’s early years are the most important years of their lives. Our ethos is to provide a safe, caring and stimulating environment where the children can develop and learn at their own pace and most of all have lots of fun through play and exploration.


We carefully plan our continuous provision to provide a wide range of activities, both child-initiated and adult-directed to enable children to reach their full potential and to prepare them socially and emotionally for their next steps in learning. 


We have access to an amazing outdoor area where the children can go on adventures through the woods, be creative in the mud kitchen or sandpit or practice riding trikes with their friends.


We also enjoy going for walks around our local area noticing the changes we can see throughout the year and spending time at the park practising climbing, balancing, pushing, pulling and remembering
to wait until it is our turn.


Although we are a separate entity to Chollerton First School we are very much part of the school community. The children enjoy spending playtime mixing with the older children and at lunchtime, our older children who are moving into Reception get to have their dinner in the hall with the rest of the school. It also helps support the transition for those children who are moving into Reception as we are able to visit Class 1 and spend time with the Reception teacher Mrs Davey.

We bring the world into our Pre-school room to discover and explore and do lots and lots of laughing!