Catch-up Premium

The government has given Chollerton C of E First School a catch-up premium grant of £80 per pupil.
The catch-up premium has been used to employ additional Teaching Assistant's throughout the academic year 2020 → 2021 to support children in years 2, 3 and 4 who have demonstrated in gaps in their learning which will impede their further progress, due to Covid-19.
Due to the funding, a teaching assistant who has been supporting Year 2 children with their gaps in their phonic knowledge, has enabled the cohort of Year 2 to pass the phonics test.

Mathematical understanding is another area in which children have been able to access extra support.
Teaching assessments are completed to identify gaps in learning and the best strategies to achieve learning goals. These are regularly updated to identify the ongoing effect of the expenditure. 
The impact of these interventions has been significant. Children's expected grades have improved and have been assessed via KS1 SATs. We have a very high level of our students meeting the expected targets.
(Updated June 2022)